US Battery-Golf Cart 6V (US-2200-XC)

US Batteries


Diamond Plate Technology – Advanced paste formulation miaximizes capacity life and recharge-ability.

Antinium – This special grid metal mixture is used to reduce grid corrosion and water usage. In combination, these features will extend the life of your battery by 15-20%.

Crystalock – The advanced plate curing process insures structural strength and solid adhesion to the grid, the key to superior cycle life.

Speedcap – A positive locking cap that will not vibrate off or “spit” acid when removed. The “gang” feature allows for easy removal of all three caps at once saving time and money.

Thicker Plates – Our plates are the thickest in the business, assuring you the longest cycle life possible.

Extra Electrolyte – Using shorter, thicker plates allows for more electrolyte over the plates, extrending required water intervals.

Lifting Handle – Makes Installation and removal quick, easy and safe.


20 hr rate: 232
5 hr rate: 181
Min of discharge @ 75 amps: 122
Min of discharge @ 56 amps: N/A
Min of discharge @ 25 amps: 474
Plates Cell: 19
L x W x H (inches): 10-1/4 x 7-1/8 x 11-1/4
L x W x H (Milimetres): 260 x 181 x 286
weight (lbs): 63



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