Powertech AGM Battery 8A4D 198.2 A.h.

Group Size 4D

The Absorbed Glass Mat Technology for Power-Tec Batteries ranks as the premium in Power, Quality and Performance above all others.

Features and Benefits:

100% Maintenance Free eliminates the need for you to constantly check fluid levels. High Freeze-resistance provides longer battery life.

Highly Porous premium Separators lowers resistance and increases power. Superb dual-purpose design delivers great deep discharge service and engine starting.

Pure Electrolyte
is absorbed by microporous glass separators that eliminate acid spills and terminal erosion.

The Flexible Design installs in any position (although upside-down installation is not recommended). Easy lift handles permits for easy installation

Specially Engineered Safety relief valve system controls critical internal gas pressure, keeping outside air out and preventing capacity loss from excessive gas seepage. Lower internal resistance ensures high discharge rates.

Computer-cast power path grids assure highest quality and optimum performance. Tightly “packed” construction provides greater resistance to shock and vibration.

Individual tank formed plates maintain highest quality and most consistent performance. Faster recharge than conventional batteries allows for faster turnaround times.

12 Volt Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

CCA: 1110 @ 0°F

Reserve Capacity: 380 Minutes @ 25 Amps

198.2 Ah @ 20Hr Rate

Weight: 129 Lbs / 58.5 Kg

Dimensions: 20.75″ x 8.5″ x 10″ LWH

Price: $761.06

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